1. Acceptance of User agreement

This is the agreement for the terms and conditions of Luxurysouq.com that directs your right to use of company’s website as well as associated sub-domains, sites, tools and services etc. By accessing the website, you agree to acknowledge these terms and conditions. With the purpose of using the website of Luxurysouq.com you have to acknowledge the “User Agreement.” Do not record or access this site if you do not consent to the User Agreement. All the rights are reserved by the company to amend, delete or change any of the clauses or conditions wholly or partially at its sole judgment.  All such modification and amendments will be accordingly notified on this site. The Company suggests to cautiously reading all the terms and conditions as given herein. You are firmly proscribed from unlawful use of any information given on this website.

2. Eligibility for Membership

The membership of Luxurysouq.com is meant only for entities/individuals who are allowed to enter and be bound through a legal contract as maintained by the prevalent laws. Anyhow, if you are not lawfully allowed to enter into any contract of the company or due to some reason either age (below 18 years) or any further reason not allowed to sign Agreement, at that time, you are not permissible to employ the services offered by this Website. At that time, you can order product under parental guidance as an alternative.

3. Explanation of Products and Services

The Company offers an opportunity for you to purchase the Products. Upon placing the order, the Company shall ship the Product to You and will be entitled to its payment for the Services. The Company may accept or reject your offer in its sole discretion which cannot be contested by you. The Company, to the best of its knowledge, has displayed or attempts to display on the Website as accurately as is possible, colors of the Products that is displayed on the Website.

4. Registration to our Website

On your approval of approving of being an associate/member as well as avail products/services from the website of Luxurysoup.com you are requested to provide specific personal information for registration. Every part of the information given by you will be maintained private and confidential.

5. Transmission of Responsibilities and Rights

You require to accept and consent undyingly that the site could rearrange all or a few parts of its responsibilities, rights, benefits, or accountabilities whether expressed or unstipulated at any time,  beneath this User Agreement to its connections without any prior consent with you. The company will convey you the information regarding amendments via posting information on the website. Under the agreement, users can not reassign part of its benefits, responsibilities, liabilities or rights partially or completely exclusive of any prior written approval of Luxurysouq.com

6. Communications

You should agree that we may converse with you via email/ by giving notices on the website. You can pick to stop getting such emails at any point in time.

7. Privacy

Although Luxurysouq.com takes wise measures for protection against any unauthorized access to your personal information as well as to firmly maintain all your information but the internet is not a secured and sound means so the discretion of your individual information can’t be assured.

8. Drawing out of Membership or Access

Without intolerance to any other rights and preparations of Qorp.com beneath this User Agreement or at regulation or law or else, the Site may bound, postpone or extract your membership and / or your access to Qorp.com at any time, without any prior notice, for any cause be it violation of this User Agreement or without limitation.

9. Relationship with Company

In any conditions of this User Agreement, users can not consider compiling a bond or group amid them and company and you don’t have any power to connect the company’s site in any manner at all.

10. Ordering of Products

You have to propose your purchase order for the product as given on the company’s site. Once the product order is presented it articulates purpose to buy the product/s and the similar may not be terminated except as offered hereunder.

11. Payment and Pricing

The charges for Product/s are depicted on the Website and are included into these terms by indication. The services, products and prices and subjected to alter at the Company’s sole discretion.

12. Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursements will be accomplished only through the mode of payment that was utilized during delivery of the product. The company will provide the complete return of your repayment only if the merchandise service has been deserted or not exercised within 7 days from the date of purchase.

13. Disputes and Disagreements

If any incongruity, disagreement, claim or dispute arising out of or in relationship with the products/ services presented and accepted, with this agreement or for explanation of any clause or the legitimacy or extinction of the same, the parties not succeed to resolve the dispute cordially same shall be passed to the sole conciliator/arbitrator to be allotted with 30 days of receiving of notice or appeal prepared by any of the party. In any case, if the representatives fail to assign the sole negotiator within the time limit both the parties shall be open to moving toward the court of law to resolve the subject.


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