Luxury Souq guarantees that all watches, bags and brand name jewellery sold through our website is 100% authentic and, where applicable, will include the original packaging with serial numbers and/or certificates of authenticity.

We guarantee that all watches, bags and jewellery we sell are brand new and unused (unless otherwise stated).

While we are NOT an authorized dealer of any of the watch or jewellery brands that we sell, we do source our watches and brand name jewellery directly through authorized dealers and distributors. Every high-end watch and jewellery manufacturer imprint a serial number on each of their pieces for identification purposes.

We guarantee that each item we sell bears the original manufacturer’s serial number intact and without any alterations. In rare cases, some brand name jewellery pieces will not have a serial number, but this is only in the cases where the manufacturer themselves produced the piece without an imprint (usually due to size or design limitations).



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