Locked Locker: visitors Jacks stores stand a chance to win extra cash

Visitors to the physical branches of Jack's Casino will receive a scratch card upon arrival. This can be read on the Jack's Casino website. The special promotion does not involve Jack's online casino.

Locked Locker Jacks

The scratch cards are part of the "Locked Locker" promotion. With the scratch cards they have a chance to win a cash prize. The prizes on these scratch cards vary per participating casino. The method of obtaining is most similar to casino bonuses india, which users receive as often as possible

And the nice thing is: you are in control of the cash amount you take home. That's because you get to open one of the lockers yourself. The check in the locker will show what amount of cash you win.
Website Jack's Casino about Locked Locker promotion

The promotion is valid from October 14, 2022 and the scratch cards will be distributed while supplies last. Therefore, there is no fixed end date for the promotion. You can find an overview of the locations participating in the promotion on the promotion page. The Locked Locker promotion applies to Jack's Casino Arnhem, Jack's Casino Duiven, and Jack's Casino Heerhugowaard, among others.

Jack's Casino is one of the providers in the Netherlands that has land-based establishments in addition to an online casino. Both require visitors to be at least 18 years old.

About Jack's Casino

About Jack's Casino

In addition to the land-based branches of Jack's Casino, visitors can also access a complete online platform that consists of an online casino, live casino, and sports betting section. All of these sections can be accessed with the same account.

Members with an account can also get ready for regular casino bonuses, such as deposit bonuses, tournaments, and other promotions. Before you create your account at Jack's Casino, we recommend that you read through our review. There we will tell you all about the bonuses.

A welcome bonus is available for new members who sign up at Jack's Casino.




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